Bio-Detoxing Neck Rejuvenist

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Potent healing neck product rich in anti-inflammatory and anti-aging formula helps detox and restore healthy youthful look to the delicate neck area. With i-FIRM "P.A.T Transfermal Technology”, it rapidly and effectively fights against silent inflammation in neck area, promotes metabolism and remove metabolic toxins to reduce swollen lymph glands. The patented peptides boost collagen, eliminate wrinkles and stop sagging while refining formula helps moisture and nourish the fragile neck skin.

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Anti-inflammatory, soothes neck pain and silent inflammation
With numerous anti-inflammatory and soothing formulations, it protects neck skin from free-radical damage, improves muscle strain and stiff neck caused by poor circulation, helps improve neck pain and silent inflammation in neck area.

Promotes metabolism, removes toxins and reduces neck swelling, restores neck contour
Promotes metabolism and circulation, helps remove metabolic toxins and reduce swollen lymph glands from neck area, increase oxygen delivery to skin cells while improving dark circles, effectively reconstruct neck, chin and décolleté contour.

Moisturizes and nourishes, improve skin’s natural defence
Contains Wheat Protein, Lecithin and Beta Fructan, effectively helps moisture and nourish the fragile, dehydrated and dry neck skins, enhances metabolism while also improve skin’s natural defence against harsh external factors.

Smoothes skin and reduces wrinkles, revive aging neck skin
SYN®-TC and Decapeptide-2 with anti-oxidation and anti-glycation benefits, it boosts collagen production and reduces neck wrinkles, smoothes skin and increases elasticity, skin appears plumper and firmer.

Tightens and firms skin, prevents saggy breast
Sagging neck and décolleté skin will bring about sagging breast, tighten and firm chin, neck and décolleté area will help prevent breast tissue from stretching and sagging.

How To Use

Use to the cleansed skin, morning and evening. Apply 1-2 pumps to the neck and collarbone area, gentle massage upwards from the bottom to the chin area till completely absorbed. (Apply with needleless beauty device can achieve optimal result.)


Aqua, Decapeptide-2, SYN®-TC, Glycine Soja, Wheat Protein, Glaucine, Triticum Vulgare Bran Extract, Bisabolol, Beta Fructan, Dextran Sulphate, Urea, Lecithin, Trehalose, Rye Polyglucose, Xanthan Gum, Hexamidine Diisethionate, Methenamine, Nisin

Ingredients may change or vary from time to time. For the most complete and up-to-date information, please refer to the product packaging.


Decapeptide-2, SYN®-TC, Glaucine, Beta Fructan, Dextran Sulphate